January 1st … Day one Failure!

So earlier today I planned on making 2 meals with one frozen, I took the meat out last night to defrost and then started tidying the kids bedrooms this morning…come 4 o clock I still hadn’t started with my slow-cooker meals so we popped down to the supermarket for a pie *Oopsie* However I did redeem myself by prepping both meals.

One I found was on a Facebook group and called Jamie’s Turkey Chilli Con, it is currently all ready in my slow cooker ready to be turned on in the morning.

Making this however was not fun – mainly because it requires the juice of two limes. I used by handheld manual juicer thingy and managed to knock it, lime juice went everywhere including my eyes. I cried a little, threw a mini tantrum and told my boyfriend to continue whilst I washed my eyes out…and cried more.

The second was from a cookbook and is Thai Chicken Meatball Curry, however like my Butter Chicken practice recipe that went so wrong this also needs some prior cooking, Once the meatballs are rolled they need browning off before being added to the slowcooker. I chose to cook the meatballs all the way through to allow me to freeze them, then defrost and add to the slow cooker (with additional ingredients) on Saturday night.

I shall report back tomorrow evening on the Turkey Chilli Con


First attempt

It’s not the New Year however last night I made up butter chicken, left it in the fridge to marinade last night and just before popping out to see friends I popped it in the slow cooker, we arrived home after 5 hours and I was expecting my food to be ready in 6-8 hours except it was looking quite dry…not yet burnt but it certainly didn’t look like it would go for another 1-3 hours. I checked the recipe book and realized the marinating was just 50% of the recipe…When added to the slow cooker I was supposed to add 1 tin of tomatoes, 1/2 pint of chicken stock, 1 onion, 1 cinnamon stick and 150ml of cream. OOPS

It was added, I whacked the heat up from low to high and left it for another 2 hours.

Taste test! Smells amazing, looks good, tastes um….dry the chicken is very dried out and my boyfriend is being

polite and attempting to chew his way through, but its fair to say day 1 of domestic goddess did not go to plan


About my challenge

I have started thinking about my New Years Resolution…Its that time of year and I am hoping I wont fail, I like to think if I go public with my declaration it will succeed.

This is my third blog, My first was all about my year dating, it was brilliant fun and I kept a diary, except as soon as I started publishing my diary I met someone and we’re still together (yay) The second was about our cat Badger who we worship…except now I have 3 cats and a foster cat and I’m a little worried if I keep posting I’ll be labelled the crazy cat lady.

So here is blog three…hopefully this will last a full year and help me become the domestic goddess I claim to be in my head. I was very much inspired by a lady at work, Savvy Annie. You should check out her blog – shes dedicated to to finding bargains to keep all us girlies looking fab and saving money, her blog posts are short, to the point and regular….hummm can I maintain regular?!

I am hoping I can post about my successes with my slow cooker and general domestic goddess’ness around the household. As a Mum of two working full time and a boyfriend who leaves the house at 6am and often doesn’t get home until 8pm keeping on top of everything isn’t easy.

Today I have bought my second slow cooker, a little 1.5 liter one to go along with my bigger one, which is um….medium sized. I have prepared 3 meals. One is a chicken soup, a butter chicken and a Malaysian chicken with rice . I hope to throw these in the slow cooker in the mornings, come up and have a meal ready – giving me more time to tidy the house, do kids, homework, look for another job and maybe shower/do my make up ready for when the boyfriend arrives home, 1960s style!!

Tonight we’re using up some of the last few jars we’ve got and after this I want full on home cooked, slow cooked easy meals. Wish me luck x